Terms and Conditions


Due to COVID19 our orders could have a delay of up to 7 business days, however, we do our best to arrive before the estimated days (4 business days) If your order is delayed, please contact us at Instagram @ sweetsnochesshop or to our mail shop@dulcesnoches.com how soon to be able to track the order

- How much is the shipping?
Shipping has a cost of $ 100 to the entire Mexican Republic, if your order consists of 2 bags, only one shipping will be charged.

- How can I make a purchase?
Too easy!

Add all the products you want to the cart and choose the sizes.

Fill in your personal information for shipping.

Select a payment method and confirm your order.

- Do you have a branch?
We are an online store, at the moment we do not have any branch or delivery points.

- What happens if the order still does not arrive?
Don't worry, your shipment is insured and we will replace your purchase if necessary. Write to usshop@dulcesnoches.comor contact us through our Instagram account @dulcesnochesshop if you have any problem with the delivery.

- I made a mistake when filling in my shipping information, what can I do?
If you want to correct or confirm data, you can write to our Instagram account @dulcesnochesshop or to our emailshop@dulcesnoches.com .

- My baby did not fit the bag I bought. Are there any changes?
We do not make changes or refunds, please make sure in the size guide that the size you chose is correct.

- Do you ship abroad?
At the moment we do not make shipments abroad, only shipments to the entire Mexican Republic.


Other Terms and Conditions

Intellectual property

The Web Platform contains registered material, trademarks, logos and other proprietary information of Dulces Noches including, without being this exhaustive list, information, text, designs, drawings, photos and graphics. The content of the Web Platform is the property of Dulces Noches and is protected by intellectual property rights.

Means of Payment and Conditions of Sale.

All Users, in order to acquire the different products offered on the Sweet Night Shop Platform, must provide a valid means of payment, one of those allowed on said Platform. The transaction will be subject to verification by the bank card issuing company or other means of payment chosen by the User. A transaction will not be considered complete as long as Dulces Noches does not receive authorization from the respective financial institution. In the event that Dulces Noches does not receive this confirmation, the purchase will be canceled.

Delivery conditions

Once the payment transaction is completed, we will proceed to process your purchase order. Dulces Noches Shop will make every effort to fulfill all purchase orders received. However, there may be cases where the stock is no longer available for online shipments or the requested destination cannot be reached given the location, and therefore Dulces Noches Shop is obliged to cancel the purchase order.

Modifications to the Product and Prices

The prices of our products are subject to change without prior notice. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the Product at any time without prior notice.

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to: shop@dulcesnoches.com